3 reasons to work with private money lenders long-term

By now you’re probably aware that we at CEB Capital are private money lenders who want your business for the long-term. So, while most private money lenders are a one-and-done business model, we cherish your trust and commitment because we believe this benefits both us AND our investors.

1. Faster transactions. Sick of the loads of applications, statements and back and forth with private money lenders? Having that long-term relationship means we have most of what we need already on file. We don’t need to ask for it all. So this means less time in the office and more time flipping. Once you are a long-term client, you move to the front of the pack. No waiting in line for approval. You are our VIP clients and we work for YOU.

2. Better rates. We want to reward you for coming back to us. That means, the more loans you complete with us, the better the rates we can give you. You’re giving us a chance and proving your credibility as a lender and we want to make sure we show our appreciation. We work hard to make sure your bottom line is the best it can be and having a lower rate only means more money in your pocket. That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

3. More trust. Doesn’t it get exhausting sifting through lenders to find out who is a scam or who’s customer service is sub-par? That’s the great part of building a relationship. But you already know we are a solid private money lender. We aren’t going to run out of money or run away with yours. We want to be the best we can for you. If we don’t live up to your expectations, we love to hear how we can improve!

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